Korean Air is to be the first carrier to implement an anti-overrun system on its Airbus A330s, after the technology secured certification on the type.

Approval from the European Aviation Safety Agency means that the runway overrun protection system – known as ROPS – is available across the airframer’s range.

Korean Air is to put the system into operation on A330s in service “in the coming months”, says Airbus.

The technology has been developed to reduce the risk of runway excursions.

It calculates the runway length required for a safe landing, based on aircraft and environmental conditions, and compares them to that available.

If the system concludes that there is a risk of overrun, it alerts the pilots in order to give them time to consider a missed approach or other mitigating actions. The technology is already available on the A380 and A350 and has been adapted for the A320 family.

Korean Air will be the first operator to introduce the technology on A330s, says Airbus. The airline has ordered 30 A330s from the airframer, including 22 of the -300.

Source: Cirium Dashboard