Targeting a US market to equip 9,000 six- to nine-seat turbine-powered aircraft that must be equipped with a Class B terrain awareness warning system (TAWS) by 29 March next year, L-3 Avionics Systems has received installation approval for its standalone LandMark 8100 TAWS.

Based on a GPS wide-area augmentation system (WAAS) sensor, the LandMark 8100 is specifically designed for ease of installation, says L-3 Avionics Systems president, Adrienne Stevens. The integrated 12-channel WAAS/GPS sensor eliminates the need to hook up multiple inputs, such as air data, from other aircraft systems.

Stevens believes ease of installation is key to securing the bulk of the market to retrofit the 9,000 aircraft L-3 estimates have yet to be equipped to meet the US Federal Aviation Administration TAWS mandate. Price is also a factor, and the system is available initially for $12,500. In addition, the LandMark 8100 offers higher terrain database and display resolution than competing Class B systems, she says.

L-3 has FAA technical standard order approval for the LandMark 8100, and supplemental type certification in its Beech King Air C90, allowing installations to begin.

The LandMark 8100 uses a Free Flight Systems sensor, but L-3 is developing its own WAAS/GPS engine, says Stevens. The company, acquired from Goodrich in 2003, is also to develop a receiver combining the US GPS and European Galileo satellite-navigation systems.




Source: Flight International