The new suites will consist of six networked simulators, a battle master-control room and an after-action review theatre

L-3 Communications has received a $19.7 million contract to produce two additional suites of reconfigurable simulators for the US Army's Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer-Aviation (AVCATT-A) programme. The deployable helicopter trainers - suites three and four under the AVCATT-A programme - are to be delivered in the fourth quarter.

The first two suites, produced by L-3's Link Simulation and Training division, will be delivered in the second quarter and installed at Fort Hood, Texas, and FortRucker, Alabama. An AVCATT-A suite consists of six networked simulators, a battle master-control room and after-action review theatre, all housed in two trailers.

Each simulator is designed to be reconfigurable between six helicopter types, but the initial training suites will represent four: the Bell OH-58D Kiowa Warrior, BoeingAH-64A Apache and CH-47 Chinook, and Sikorsky UH-60 BlackHawk. The reconfigurable module for the AH-64DApache Longbow is scheduled to be added in May 2003. The Boeing Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche will be added at a yet to be determined date, says Link.

Thales Training & Simulation (TTS) is developing a similar reconfigurable simulator suite for the French Army. The Helicopter Commander Tactical Trainer (HCTT), which will be delivered to the army's aviation school in the second quarter, features five trainee cubicles and simulates four aircraft types, including the Eurocopter Tiger.

The French simulator manufacturer is using Quantum3D's AAlchemy PC-based image-generator in the HCTT for out-the-window visuals and sensor imagery in each trainee cubicle. The multi-channel image generation system will run TTS's own Space Magic visual simulation software.

Quantum3D's AAlchemy PC-based image generator has been selected by Boeing for the F-15C distributed mission training system under development for the Royal Saudi Air Force. Lockheed Martin has also selected AAlchemy systems to replace the image generators used in USAir Force Special Operations Forces C-130 simulators.

Source: Flight International