The US Federal Aviation Administration and New York La Guardia Airport are proposing to extend by 12 months measures imposed early this year to relieve congestion. This could be followed by peak-hour pricing, a landing slot auction or a cutback on smaller regional aircraft operations, according to the FAA. The permanent solution for La Guardia - the US airport suffering most delays - could become the model for other airports.

The agency imposed a slot lottery (slottery) scheme after the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which operates La Guardia, set a moratorium on new flights during peak hours, challenging federal legislation that opened access to regional jets and new long-haul airline entrants. The service cutback is due to remain until 15 September, when new demand management or market-based solutions would be imposed.

The FAA proposes to maintain the current slot allocation until 26 October 2002 when longer-term, demand management solutions would be implemented, such as congestion pricing, slot auctioning and minimum aircraft size.

Source: Flight International