Lancair International is developing a turbine-powered version of its popular Lancair IV high-performance kitplane. The four-seat aircraft, powered by a 560kW (750shp) Walter 601Eturboprop, is expected to be capable of over 360kt (670km/h).

The all-composite Lancair IV and pressurised Lancair IV-P are normally powered by a 260kW twin-turbocharged Teledyne Continental piston engine. The Redmond, Oregon-based company has redesigned the firewall to accommodate the Czech turboprop, which is longer.

Lancair plans to display the Walter-powered Lancair IV-P at the Experimental Aircraft Association's Oshkosh AirVenture 2001 show later this year.

The turbine option, including the modified firewall, engine mount and carbonfibre cowling, will cost $7,500 for new kits and $8,500 for retrofits. Lancair plans to offer rebuilt Walter 601Es for $84,000, with 2,000h between overhauls. Harztell and Czech company, Avia, have designed a special propeller for the aircraft.

Source: Flight International