Robert Breiling Associates says 49% of accidents involving jets flown by business, corporate and air-taxi operators occur "in the landing phase". For turboprops in the same categories, the figure changes to 48%, but landing is still the hazard. Proportions in the taxi and take-off phases varied a lot between jets and turboprops. Jet accidents comprised 12% during taxiing and 22% taking off, while turboprops suffered 7% of accidents in the taxi phase and 7% during take-off. Jet/turboprop figures respectively for the climb, cruise, descent and approach were: 8%/4%, 1%/11%, 4%/5%, and 4%/18%. Apart from landing, where both categories are much the same, jets have most trouble at take-off; turboprops during approach. Probable causes include crew actions in 52% of the jet events and 42% for turboprops. Weather for jets/turboprops respectively was a causal factor in 23%/18%, and for maintenance or mechanical failure it was 21% in both cases.

Source: Flight International