A development programme being undertaken by GEC-Marconi Avionics and Honeywell to produce a head-up-display (HUD) for small and medium-sized business jets, based on its recently certificated HUD 2020, has been delayed following a last-minute revision to the design.

The HUD 2022 effort began in January with delivery of prototype hardware originally due in November. "The prototype will probably be available in early 1998 now," says Honeywell HUD manager Dan Stockfisch.

The initial design was aimed at producing a smaller derivative of the 2020, which received US Federal Aviation Administration certification on the Gulfstream IV in April 1997. "GEC redesigned the overhead box to take the electronics out and put it in a remote line replaceable unit. Now they're thinking of doing some redesign on one box and making it smaller instead," he adds.

The 2022 will "not take the place of the 2020" stresses Stockfisch, who adds that certification of the latter HUD to Category II standards on the Gulfstream V is expected in November 1997.

Some 15 units have been delivered to date, with demand expected to be sustained at around 50 a year through 1998.

"We are also exploring additional opportunities and talking with other manufacturers," Stockfisch adds.

Source: Flight International