Fractional ownership time-broker Marquis Jet's European programme is around a third up on budget predictions in its first two months of operations, and is already NetJet's largest European customer. Marquis Jet Partners Europe launched its fractions-of-fractions scheme in early February - and statistics to be published next month will show the programme "well ahead" of expectations, says chief executive Rob Hersov.

Marquis Jet Partners Europe sells "cards" of 25h of business aircraft use from NetJets' fractional scheme. Hersov says, although the traditional business community accounts for the majority of those buying cards, the European scheme has attracted two large groups not common to the North American programme. Entertainers and tour athletes, such as golf and tennis players, account for around 30% of card sales, says Hersov. A similar proportion of wealthy individuals have also entered the scheme, compared to under 10% in the USA, adds Hersov.

Marquis has an alliance with Executive Jet's NetJets programme, and the European scheme's popularity means Marquis is probably the largest customer for NetJets Europe, says Hersov. Unlike in North America, he adds, the Cessna Citation Bravo, priced at €124,000 ($108,000) for 25h occupied time, has been unpopular - private European customers prefer the larger Citation Excel at €169,000, and business users are opting for the Hawker 800XP at €194,000. Average flight time in Europe is 2h, says Marquis.

Source: Flight International