LEARASTRONICS has begun exploring the airline market for its autonomous landing-system (ALG), following completion of flight demonstrations in a United Airlines Boeing 727 (Flight International, 12-18 March). Military flight-testing continues in a US Air Force Boeing C-135

The company has signed an agreement with Flight Visions to offer its FV-2000 head-up display (HUD) as part of an enhanced-vision system (EVS) which is based on the ALG.

Return-on-investment studies are under way with "-most major airlines", says Ralph Eck, marketing manager for advanced-technology programmes at Lear Astronics, with the company planning certification 18-24 months after identifying a launch customer. The ALG uses a millimetre-wave radar to generate images for display on the HUD, enabling approaches in Category III weather conditions to runways equipped only for Cat I operations.

Lear is in discussions with other HUD manufacturers, but Eck says that Flight Visions' low-cost FV-2000 is "attractive" to regional and corporate operators. Installation of the ALG on regional and business aircraft will require a reduction in weather-radar antenna size, to accommodate the millimetre-wave radar in the nose, and the effect on performance is being studied, he says.

Source: Flight International