Bombardier has announced increased cruise performance for the Learjet 45 and is working to improve field performance following final US certification of the light business jet on 22 September - one day before the show opened.

Lower-than-predicted aircraft drag and better-than-expected fuel efficiency have increased range from the guaranteed 4,070km (2,200nm) to 4,400km, says John Holding, the company's executive vice-president engineering and product development.

Field lengths is slightly longer than estimated, but post-certification work, including tuning of the anti-skid braking system, is expected to reduce runway distances by 10%, Holding says.

Bombardier increased the Learjet 45's gross weight from 8,850kg to 9,160kg during development to ensure range guarantees were met, which increased the field length. With fuel for the original four-passenger, 4,070km mission, gross weight is 4,145kg, and take-off distance is close to the guaranteed 1,280m (4,200ft), Holding says.

The company will start deliveries in November and will hand over 12 of the $7.9 million aircraft by January, says business-aircraft division president Michael Graff.

Source: Flight International