LEARJET president Brian Barents has resigned unexpectedly. He has been replaced by Jim Robinson, the former president of AlliedSignal Engines, who joined Learjet in 1995 as executive vice-president, overseeing the business-jet makers operations.

Barents had been with Learjet since 1988, when the company was owned by Integrated Resources, and remained president after the company was acquired by Bombardier, in 1990. Learjet declines to comment, except to say: "He chose to resign."

Bombardier acknowledges that Barents has played a "...major role in the revitalisation of the Learjet product line" since its take-over, with the launch of the Learjet 60 and 45. Learjet says that Robinson's focus will be on improving the company's competitiveness. Barents says: "It is now an appropriate time, for others to take the company to the next plateau."

The Canadian parent company, is known to be concerned about delays, in developing the Learjet 45. Learjet says that the programme is now making progress, with 75h flying accumulated on the first aircraft and a second expected to be flown in mid-February. US certification has been rescheduled for December, still enabling Learjet to meet its commitment to deliver aircraft before January 1997.

Source: Flight International