Russian seeker manufacturer Leninets Radar MMS has developed a new dedicated anti-ship missile radar seeker, designated the ARGS-K.

The seeker is a coherent double RF-band multi-channel unit, suitable for weapons in the supersonic Kh-31 and subsonic Kh-35 class, aimed mainly for export. The 70kg (155lb) seeker has a detection range of 60 km (37 miles) against a frigate-sized target, and can supply target data and images to main guidance systems, as well as having imaging capability. It is suitable for use in rain and sea state five conditions.

The seeker can operate independently or in a multiple launch, and can attack selectively in severe electronic countermeasure conditions. Leninets also produces the ARGS-35 seeker for the Zvezda-Strela Kh-35 anti-ship missile.

Source: Flight International