The Let L-610 regional turboprop programme is set to be revived, after its purchase by Czech company Leteck‚ Z vody from Let Kunovice's bankruptcy assets.

Leteck‚ Z vody was created last year by the merger of Czech training aircraft manufacturer Moravan and Let.

Let, which went bankrupt in 2000 after being purchased by now defunct US company Ayres, had been developing a Westernised L-610G version of the 44-seat twin turboprop equipped with Rockwell Collins avionics and General Electric CT7 engines. The sole L-610G prototype is in the USA, where Ayres had been undertaking the certification programme.

The development plan is still being finalised, but possible avenues include: a simple freighter version; a stretched cargo version; and one equipped with a rear loading ramp.

Development cost is put at between CKr700 million and CKr2.5 billion ($19-68 million), depending on the version, with a further CKr200 million for series production.

Leteck‚ Z vody expects the aircraft to appeal to the military as its unit price ($8-13 million) could be around half that of its competitors.

Source: Flight International