Mr Lloyd's unhappiness with the Lockheed Martin F-35 is unfounded (Flight International, 20-26 January). Every aircraft programme that I have been involved with had its crises and the JSF is no exception. Lockheed Martin has an extraordinary track record of fixing problems and the 10 nations that have decided to join the programme have done so with their eyes wide open.

It is a pity that that more fly-off competitions could not be held. The last one in the UK was the Hunter versus the Swift; the winner was an enormous success and a credit to its designers.

If the Eurofighter Typhoon had been subjected to the rigours of a fly off, the UK Ministry of Defence and Royal Air Force would not now be wondering what to do with an outmoded aircraft that has yet to be delivered to an operational RAF squadron.

Michael Jolley Tucson, Arizona, USA

Source: Flight International