Lufthansa Technic (LHT) and Schott have joined forces to provide cabin lighting for passenger aircraft.

Under the contract, LHT will focus on the area of lighting control, approval and validation and provide installation, maintenance, repair and upkeep services.

In return, Schott Lighting and Imaging will provide its services in the area of lighting systems.

LHT director of innovation Andrew Muirhead said: "We will now be able to offer many customers from owners of business jets to commercial airlines a complete package of services on cabin lighting."

Armin Plichta, general manager of aviation for the lighting and imaging division of Schott, said: "By co-operating with Lufthansa Technik, we will be able to assemble service packages that address the individual needs of both airlines and aircraft manufacturers."

The partners have collaborated on developing a new lighting technology, which they said helps lower maintenance costs and extends the service life.

The technology is designed for use in mood lighting scenarios that rely on the entire colour spectrum, but also for purely white cabin lighting, the partners added.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news