Liberty Aerospace has launched an initiative to attract flight-school customers as it finally begins deliveries of its XL2 two-seat light aircraft. Under the Liberty Flight School programme, the manufacturer will provide marketing and sales services to secure students for schools using the XL2 as their primary trainer.

The XL2 first flew in 2001, and received type certification in February last year, but Melbourne, Florida-based Liberty only began customer deliveries last month after receiving US instrument flight rules certification in August. The company expects to deliver eight to 10 aircraft by year-end, but plans to produce close to 200 next year.

A backlog of more than 75 aircraft includes orders from a “couple” of flight schools, says Liberty. One is Phases of Flight, at FalconTrust Air on Kendall Tamiami airport, Florida, which will receive aircraft next month. “It will be our guinea pig” for the scheme, the manufacturer says.

The promotional programme is targeted at signing students for specific flying schools.


Source: Flight International