By Mona Hussain

Pakistani unmanned air vehicle manufacturer Integrated Dynamics has confirmed that it has supplied UAVs to Libya within the past two years, although the deal may have been limited to the supply of airframes rather than complete systems.

The deal appears to have been for a limited number of Integrated Dynamics Border Eagle Mk II systems, although the company declines to confirm this other than acknowledging that the air vehicle type is its primary export platform.

Chief executive Raja Sabir Khan told Flight that within the past two years the company had made deliveries to users in Australia, Libya, South Korea, Spain and the USA. "Most of the orders to the countries mentioned were placed, and delivered, during this period," he says. Khan declined to provide details on the end user for the Border Eagle systems, citing restrictions by Pakistani military authorities.

"The Border Eagle Mk II appears to be our most popular UAV airframe and mostly these have been exported to various customers," he says. "I would put the numbers at approximately 15-20 airframes." The total value of exports to the five nominated countries was $300,000, he adds.

Integrated Dynamics is pursuing a business strategy of supplying low-cost components rather than full systems, Khan says, adding: "Most competitors have a limited range and are reluctant to make their airframes available outside of complete system sales."

The international defence equipment sales embargo on Libya was lifted at the end of 2003, but the country is still identified by US authorities as a sensitive destination.

Source: Flight International