Russian authorities have initiated an investigation after a Libyan Ilyushin Il-62 overran the runway on landing at Moscow Domodedovo airport and broke into pieces before coming to a halt.

Domodedovo operator East Line Group identifies the operator as Libyan-based Jetline, adding that the aircraft had been conducting a ferry flight from Tripoli to undergo maintenance at Moscow.

It touched down at 20:51 yesterday evening, apparently without problems, but East Line says: “The aircraft ran out of runway and fell apart. It landed successfully but broke into several very large pieces.”

No registration or other identification for the aircraft has yet been disclosed. The aircraft had no passengers but a crew of six including four pilots, some of whom suffered injuries.

East Line says that the aircraft came to rest about 400-500m (1,300-1,650ft) from the runway – distant enough for the airport to avoid closing the strip.

Moscow Domodedovo has two parallel runways, 14L/32R and 14R/32L; it is unclear which of the two the Il-62 was approaching.

Circumstances of the accident are still sketchy. East Line says that heavy rain had been present at the time. Russia’s Interstate Aviation Committee (MAK) is to set up an investigation panel to establish the reasons for the crash.

Source: Flight International