Rafael is at Paris showcasing a new addition to its Spice weapons guidance kit family. Spice is a stand-off, autonomous, air-to-ground weapon system, offering fully autonomous navigation and precision-strike capability.

It joins the Spice 2000 which is already in service with the Israel Air Force's F-16 fleet. But it is lighter than the Spice 2000, which is mounted on a standard MK-84 warhead. The Spice 1000 can be mounted on an MK-83, which means it can be used on a wider range of aircraft.

And the Spice 2000 achieves a stand-off range of more than 60km, Spice 1000 achieves even greater range thanks to its deployable wing.

"We believe that with the Spice 1000 our ability to outfit a greater variety of aircraft, thanks to its low weight and greater aerodynamics, will increase the number of our potential Spice customers," said Yitshak Einbinder, director of Air-to-Surface Systems in Rafael's Missile Division.

Source: Flight Daily News