Embraer has selected London-based design house Priestman Goode to create interiors for its Lineage business jet, and DeCrane Aircraft for installations. The Lineage can carry up to 19 people in an interior spliced into five distinct cabin zones, designed for business, dining, leisure or sleeping.

Luis Carlos Affonso, executive vice-president, executive jets, says: “It’s part of our formula for success to have pre-defined alternatives that the customer can choose from.” There are two lavatories on board, plus an optional stand-up shower and 17.4m3 (615ft3) of in-flight accessible baggage space. 

Optional amenities include Wi-Fi and internet access and an electronic flight bag. The cockpit is equipped with Honeywell’s Primus Epic, with its five LCD multifunction control displays, cursor control device, auto-throttle, weather radar with turbulence detection, fly-by-wire, and other cutting-edge technologies.

According to Embraer, it has sold “close to 10” of the aircraft so far, and the Lineage programme is bang on target.  The $41 million aircraft starts life in the E-190 regional jet production line and is removed to a separate hangar for structural modifications and engine installation.  The Lineage then flies to the USA for completions and returns to Brazil for painting and delivery. The customer base for sales consists of private individuals, governments and companies. Orders have come from the Middle East and Europe, but there has been no firm contract from the USA – yet. Delivery of the first aircraft is set for mid-2008. Affonso says: “The second semester of 2008 will be very exciting. The Phenom and the Lineage will be delivered for the first time.”
Looking to the future, Embraer’s E-170 has passed its steep approach and noise trials for London City airport, although sources say the aircraft’s high tail poses a slight problem in terms of accommodating it at the stands. Once that issue has been ironed out, the future looks rosy for possible certification of the stretched variant, the E-190 – and consequently the Lineage.

Source: Flight Daily News