Investigators have indicated that the Lion Air Boeing 737-900ER involved in a ground collision at Medan had been conducting its landing roll at the time.

The accident took place on 3 August after the 737 arrived from Banda Aceh.

It had touched down on runway 23 and the collision occurred "during [the] landing roll", says French investigation authority BEA, citing preliminary information from Indonesian counterparts.

BEA adds that the jet struck a Wings Air ATR 72-500 which had been lining up for runway 23 at taxiway D.

The taxiway is located only 2,500ft from the threshold of runway 23, and is angled such that the crew of an aircraft entering the runway would have a restricted view of traffic on approach.

Meteorological data for Medan airport at the time of the accident, which occurred in daylight, indicates good visibility.

Images from the scene show the 737 sustained substantial damage to its outer left wing, while the ATR had its right wing-tip sheared off, consistent with the apparent geometry of the collision.

Source: Cirium Dashboard