An innovative mock-up stands proud over Lisa Airplanes display.  The Akoya is the first offering from the young company and is powered by a single tail-mounted 100hp (0.745kW) Rotax piston engine with a price tag of €200,000-300,000.

The first prototype is expected to fly within the coming weeks and is described as a perfect fashion accessory— it will be able to land on sea, snow and land.

The company is developing an Akoya with renewable energy sources, dubbed the Hy-Bird.  “The Hy-Bird will use 20m2 (215ft2] of photovoltaic panels and these are backed up by a hydrogen fuel cell engine,” says Gwendoline Legrand, Hy-Bird project chief.

“We want to fly the Hy-Bird around the world to promote the aircraft and its renewable energy sources.  It will make its maiden flight in the summer of 2008,” she says.


Source: Flight Daily News