Italian authorities have suspended the operating licence of carrier Livingston, after determining that the airline is unable to meet European criteria on sustainable business.

Livingston had been using Airbus A330 and A321 twinjets, but was undergoing a fleet renewal as part of a restructuring exercise.

This renewal meant bringing in wet-leased Boeing 767s from Portugal's EuroAtlantic, to be used on its long-haul services. EuroAtlantic was also lined up, says Livingston, to provide Boeing 757s to operate routes in place of the A321s.

But Livingston subsequently halted operations after a warning from Italian civil aviation administration ENAC that it was failing to meet the "business continuity" requirements under European law. ENAC then formally suspended the airline's operating licence.

Livingston emerged in 2003 as a leisure flights operator and, two years later, took over assets from Lauda Air Italia.

Source: Flight International