Lockheed Martin has decided to enter the turreted surveillance payload market, unveiling the 15in (38.1cm)-diameter Infirno system for forward looking infrared and electro-optical imaging.

The company’s Missiles and Fire Control division in Orlando, Florida, has long been active in the surveillance payload market. It has developed the infrared targeting system for the Lockheed F-35, the Boeing AH-64 and Bell Helicopter AH-1Z.

Until now, however, it had left the turreted surveillance market to companies such as FLIR Systems with the Star Safire HD and the L-3 Communications Wescam MX-15, which are found on a broad range of unmanned and manned surveillance and attack aircraft.

“We developed the Infirno to meet the operational needs of our customers,” says turret system programme director Dana Rocca.

Lockheed plans to perform a series of qualification tests and demonstrations on multiple platforms in the US government’s Fiscal 2015, which began on 1 October.

Availability and price will be determined by order quantity, Lockheed says in emailed responses to questions.

Lockheed says the 61.2kg (135lb) Infirno turret is comprised of nine line replaceable units, which the company describes as a modular approach that can reduce maintenance costs.

The system also includes a multi-target track feature and advanced imaging processing, Lockheed says.

Source: FlightGlobal.com