Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Service Taiwan (LMAST) has been launched to provide parts and repairs for the Taiwanese air force's fleet of 150 F-16s and 60 Mirage 2000s. "The overhaul facilities for Taiwan's second-generation aircraft are very limited," says LMAST general manager John Gerkey.

LMAST will also help privatise Taiwan's own military aircraft manufacturing and repair facilities, including the air force's airframe, avionics and engine depots. Equity is likely to be offered to Snecma, Honeywell, General Electric and possibly Dassault in May or June, says Gerkey. LMAST will manage the facilities after privatisation.

LMAST also aims to move into commercial overhaul, and has signed memoranda with companies including Air Asia, China Airlines, Far Eastern Air Trans-port, Honeywell and Snecma.

Source: Flight International