LOCKHEED FORT WORTH (LFWC) has eliminated the use of ozone-depleting compounds (ODCs) from the F-16 production line. The F-16 factory at US Air Force Plant 4 was formerly the largest user of ODCs among US Government-owned, contractor-operated plants, using 227,000kg of these compounds in 1989.

LFWC introduced a non-ODC solvent cleaner for general aircraft-cleaning in 1992 and an aqueous cleaner for metal-tube degreasing in 1993, but this left 25 production materials, including adhesives, lubricants, primers, aerosols and specialised cleaners, which used ODCs.

The programme to find replacements for the remaining ODCs began in 1993 and included performance testing and health and safety research. "Elimination of the last ODCs successfully completes eight years of research and development, to provide replacement materials and processes for ozone-depleting chemicals used in manufacture of the F-16," says LFWC.

Source: Flight International