Lockheed Martin has acquired Netherlands-based Sim-Industries B.V, to move into the full flight simulator market for single aisle and twin-aisle airliners.

Terms of the acquisition agreement were not disclosed.

Lockheed's simulation business is heavily focused on the military market, but acquisition of Sim-Industries reflects a strategy to grow by expanding into "closely-related markets", the company said.

Sim-Industries will be combined with Lockheed's military simulation and training unit, with the goal of providing both sets of customers access to training systems faster and at lower cost, Lockheed added.

Sim-Industries was founded seven years ago, and now supplies aircraft simulators for the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320. Sim-Industries also is finalising development and certification of a simulator for the Airbus A330, according to Lockheed.

The Dutch products are designed to deliver "realistic and affordable simulator solutions", said Frank Uit den Bogaard, Sim-Industries CEO, in a statement.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news