Lockheed Martin Air Traffic Management (LMATM) has proposed to Russian authorities an advanced air traffic management (ATM) system to provide control for the first time in large areas of northern Russia currently not covered by radar. This comes as the US manufacturer establishes an office in Moscow in an effort to win airspace modernisation business from Russia and other CIS states.

LMATM is proposing that its advanced system for non-radar controlled airspace management be deployed at two to four centres in northern Russia, which would provide ATM for cross-polar flights from North America.

The system would be similar to the Advanced Technologies and Oceanic Procedures (ATOP) system which LMATM is providing to the US Federal Aviation Administration. The next-generation, satellite-based transoceanic ATM system, which is being installed at three US air route traffic control centres, integrates flight data processing, radar data processing, controller-pilot data link communications, automatic dependent surveillance, interfacility data communications and electronic flight data capabilities.

Lockheed Martin already has a 15-year agreement to modernise the Republic of Georgia's aviation infrastructure and a memorandum of agreement with the Ukraine on an aviation modernisation programme, and hopes to secure a similar deal with Kazakhstan soon.

Source: Flight International