London is a prime destination for many flight departments and with the Olympic Games being held in the English capital in 2012 there is increasing demand on airports around the capital.

Located on the Thames Estuary, Southend airport is preparing for growth. The airport – which is not far from the site of the 2012 Olympics – is in a unique position in that its local community is firmly supporting its development plans.
“In a recent poll, some 83% of local people were in favor of the development. That is almost unheard of in the airport sector these days,” says Southend’s head of marketing, Karen Medweth.

The airport owners also include London’s Biggin Hill in its portfolio.A new passenger terminal will be built in readiness for 2007-8 and this will allow increased space for FBO facilities. “We are ideally placed for central London and particularly the new financial district at Docklands,” says Medweth. The airport is close to London City without the approach restrictions. Links with tenants Direct Helicopters allow helicopter charters to the city itself.The airport offers 24 hour service, seven days a week.

Source: Flight Daily News