Russia’s Central Aerohydrodynamics Institute has commenced fatigue testing on the long-range version of Sukhoi’s Superjet 100.

The testing is intended to confirm the type’s design life of 54,000 cycles and 70,000h. Sukhoi’s civil aircraft division puts the current confirmed service life at 6,000 cycles and 9,000h.

Chief designer Vladimir Lavrov says the tests at the Moscow facility will involve checking the primary structures under “multiple loading conditions”, including routine operation and turbulence.

The fatigue-test airframe, serial number 95075, was delivered to the institute last year in the hold of an Antonov An-124 freighter.

Sukhoi is working to secure European Aviation Safety Agency certification of the Superjet 100LR, following its approval by Russian authorities two years ago. Gazpromavia became the first customer to operate the type.

Source: Cirium Dashboard