Airlines looking to open new routes between Europe and the USA have a new option following Boeing's decision to offer an extended-range version of the 757-200.

The new -200ERX will have about 700nm (1,300km) more range than the -200. "A longer-range 757 gives airlines more opportunity to generate revenue while giving passengers the non-stop service they want," says 757 programme VP Pat Shanahan.

Boeing cites Geneva to New York as an example of the aircraft's strengths: the -200ERX will cover more than 4,600nm (8,500km), eliminating stops at traditional hubs. "This will allow airlines to offer non-stop routes between cities that don't have enough demand to support twin-aisle aircraft such as the 767," Shanahan says.

The common 757/767 type rating is expected to allow airlines to incorporate the longer-range single-aisle aircraft into their fleets with the minimum of additional training.

The new aircraft will feature a cabin interior based on that of the 777. Externally it is the same size as the 757-200 but will have strengthened wings, fuselage and landing gear, plus up to four auxiliary fuel tanks as an option.

Source: Flight Daily News