Lord Corporation's NVX Active Noise and Vibration Control System has become the first such product to get FAA approval for use on large jet airliner.

The system has been approved by the FAA for installation on McDonnell Douglas DC-9 and MD-80 series aircraft. Supplemental Type Certification was completed earlier this year.

The systems have demonstrated reductions of 90% or more in engine tonal noise and vibration. Unwanted tones are eliminated at all power settings, from ground idle and takeoff through cruise and descent.

Becky Weih, programme manager for NVX Active Systems, says: "Ambient noise levels are reduced such that the back of the DC-9/MD-80 cabin becomes as quiet as the front."

The company's Mechanical Products Division has announced that its expanded engineering, development and test centre in Erie, Pennsylvania will be officially opened on 15 August this year. The design and features of the lab will allow for multi-directional, dynamic vibration and noise testing and analysis of Lord products as part of larger structures such as aircraft or helicopter fuselages.

Source: Flight Daily News