FLIR systems (E520) is showing its UltraMedia LE (UMLE) TV-only surveillance camera at Dubai for the first time.

Its low-light capabilities, longer focal length and proprietary gimbal design add to FLIR's range of products for the Law Enforcement market.

The UltraMedia series has been the system of choice for electronic news gathering teams around the world and for law enforcement agencies where high resolution and long-range TV capabilities are required.

Fitted with long-range optics and a super low-light Hitachi CCD camera (down to 0.15 Lux), the UMLE allows helicopter pilots to operate at extreme stand-off distances, even under low-light conditions.

The appearance of the UMLE comes hot on the heels of FLIR's announcement that it has received an additional order for its MarFLIR system valued at $5.82 million.

Source: Flight Daily News