Lucas Aerospace will manufacture and market power drive units (PDUs) for Elektro-Metall Export's (EME's) Boeing 747-100, -200F/C and -400F aircraft under the terms of a licensing agreement signed at the show.

The licence permits Lucas Aerospace to manufacture the PDU in the US and to market them in the US and abroad, with the exclusion of Europe. Customers will be primarily airlines and conversion houses where the bulk of main deck conversions are completed.

Boeing maintains that the world freighter fleet will double by the year 2015 with all segments of the cargo market expecting significant growth. Up to 70% of that growth could be satisfied by conversions, making main deck freighter conversions the fastest growing aircraft market.

The EME PDU is lighter and more economical that the current PDU on the Boeing 747. Lucas Aerospace claims it will complement its existing PDU product line.

Source: Flight Daily News