Lufthansa has entered into a new co-operation agreement with fractional ownership provider NetJets Europe to provide flights for the German carrier's LPJ private jet offering.

The collaboration comes less than four years after the duo disbanded their original agreement, whereby NetJets provided business jet feeder service for Lufthansa in Europe. The service was offered in conjunction with Lufthansa flights and designed to connect premium passengers with its German hubs.

Despite being a success, the relationship began to sour when increasing numbers of Lufthansa passengers began using the service to connect to and from other European cities, putting a strain on NetJets' resources at a time when business was booming.

NetJets Europe chairman Eric Connor has made no secret of his desire to establish links with other commercial operators - including Lufthansa - since he took the helm in October 2009.

"By collaborating with Lufthansa Private Jet, we can offer the advantages of the network of airports we have access to and our large fleet to even more private jet travellers," he says.

To take advantage of the service, customers call the LPJ customer service line and, with 10h notice, NetJets Europe will provide the jet to deliver them to their designated airport.

With more than 150 aircraft, NetJets Europe operates four times as many aircraft as the next largest business aviation company and flies its 1,600 customers to more than 5,000 airports around the world, it says.

Source: Flight International