Lufthansa is discussing the possible deferral of several aircraft deliveries and hints that these could include Airbus A380s.

As part of its "Climb 2011" efficiency programme, designed to slash €1 billion ($1.5 billion) in costs, the airline is adapting its delivery schedule to match a new growth path.

Lufthansa will reduce its capital expenditure volume by €2.1 billion compared with its original plans laid out a year ago.

"Our aircraft orders play a major role in this connection," says chief financial officer Stephan Gemkow. "An integral part of the Climb 2011 programme is to carefully re-examine the deliveries as of 2010 and to enter into negotiations with the manufacturers about delaying deliveries."

Gemkow says the carrier has reached agreements on new dates for deliveries originally scheduled between 2010 and 2013.

Chief executive Wolfgang Mayrhuber says the action affects "the whole section from regional to continental, and intercontinental".

"It's a combination," he says, adding that the A380 "is in there". The airline had said in June that it was not planning to defer A380 deliveries or those of the Boeing 747-8 - although the Boeing programme has since suffered a delay.

Lufthansa has accelerated the disposal of 50-seat regional jets, deploying larger aircraft instead and restructuring its short-haul routes. It says this effort should contribute €150 million to Climb 2011.

Source: Flight International