Lufthansa's Airbus A380 aircraft are to be configured with 526 seats, the second-highest density arrangement of the type so far.

While the German flag-carrier had initially signalled a figure of 550, a Lufthansa source familiar with the A380 operation says this has been reduced.

Eight first-class seats will be part of the configuration. The business-class cabin will have 98 seats, and the economy-class cabin 420.

First- and business-class seats will be on the upper deck, economy-class on the lower.

Only Air France has equipped its A380s with a higher-density arrangement, at 538 seats.

Lufthansa will shortly unveil its initial revenue routes for the aircraft. The first example is due to be delivered on 19 May.

Lufthansa A380

 © Lufthansa

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news