Lufthansa is less certain it will be able to offer high-speed in-flight connectivity on overseas flights this year, but remains committed to the offering.

The German operator is working with a consortium comprising T-Mobile, ViaSat and others to reinstate broadband Internet. It previously offered Boeing's Connexion service to passengers, but this ceased with the demise of Connexion at the end of 2006.

"We want to introduce broadband Internet access on our airplanes over water. We have not yet finalized the commercial negotiations and this is the only reason why I cannot really give you a precise date on when we will reintroduce that broadband over-water Internet access on Lufthansa," says VP, Americas Jens Bischof.

He says he believes broadband "would give great value to our customers" but notes that a rollout is subject to "the final negotiations we have with that supplier consortium we are working with".

Lufthansa is also studying whether it can offer Internet from the get-go of its Airbus A380 service launch.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news