Russian industrial conglomerate Rostec has revealed the pricing for two new commuter and utility aircraft it has agreed to develop with Austrian manufacturer Diamond Aircraft.

At June's Paris air show the companies signed a memorandum of understanding to develop a majority-composite 19-seater.

Rostec has now priced the aircraft - targeted as a replacement for Russia's fleet of Antonov An-2s and Let L-410s - at Rb120 million ($3.62 million).

The conglomerate has also revealed that plans with Diamond include developing a second aircraft type in the family - a nine-seater with a list price of around $2.41 million at current exchange rates.

Scale models of both aircraft were displayed for the first time at the MAKS air show outside Moscow.

Rostec light utility aircraft


The display depicted plans to begin the collaboration with Diamond building the entire first 19-seater in Austria. That will be followed by shifting the manufacture of some components to Ekaterinburg-based Ural Works of Civil Aviation, as a prelude to migrating full assembly of the aircraft and diesel turboprop engines to Russia, Rostec says.

Both companies intend to complete airworthiness certification of the 19-seater in 2016.

Russia currently builds no light utility aircraft for the commercial market despite ample demand, especially in the country's remote north and east.

Rostec describes the new aircraft family as optimised for operations in arctic conditions, including the ability to land on the ground or - by attaching skids or pontoons - snow or water.

Source: Flight International