Malaysia is expected to announce this week the selection of the MBDA Jernas short-range ground-based air defence system, ending along-running competition.

Sources close to the competition say the Malaysian army has selected the system - the latest generation of Rapier, a weapon already popular in the region, where operators include Australia, Brunei and Singapore. MBDA declines to comment on any potential deal.

The Thales Crotale NG was also considered and the deal is thought to be worth up to $500 million. Malaysia's selection is a boost for Jernas/Rapier, which has been without a major deal for several years.

The competition has lasted for years, and was originally for a system to be operated by the air force. Malaysia's struggling economy and the programme's switch to the army contributed to delays.

South Korea is expected to decide soon whether to proceed with the SAM-X project to acquire 48 Lockheed Martin Patriot Advanced Capability-3 missile systems worth 1.9 trillion won ($1.5 billion). Funding constraints mean the size of the purchase may be reduced.

Source: Flight International