Malaysia Airlines’ subsidiary Firefly has ordered a Mechtronix flat panel trainer configured for the ATR 72-600 aircraft.

The device uses the same software as Mechtronix’s full flight simulator for the type, and is equipped with a re-host package for Thales’ New Avionics Suite, says the carrier. Installation of the device will take place during the first quarter of 2014.

With the panel trainer, Firefly also aims to train pilots from third party carriers transitioning from ATR 72-500s to the -600s.

“This purchase will enable us to train our pilots as well as pilots from third party airlines, essentially to convert them from the ATR 72-500 to the ATR 72-600. It is also suitable for both ground and flight operations trainer to apply their expertise to normal and abnormal procedures,” says Firefly’s chief executive Ignatius Ong. “The next step is getting a full flight simulator for the -600 series next year, which will complete our comprehensive training equipment.”

Firefly operates 12 ATR 72-500s and one -600. It is expected to receive 19 additional units of the -600s till the end of 2019.

Taiwan’s Uni Air, a subsidiary of Eva Air, took delivery of the same panel trainer in August 2012.

Source: Cirium Dashboard