Sir - I would like to correct a statement attributed to the General Aviation Awareness Council regarding the position of GA at Manchester (Flight International, 16-22 August).

Manchester has not said there will be " more GA operations after 1997". We do not see recreational flying as an appropriate activity at Europe's ninth busiest airport, where peak-hour runway slots are already at a premium. We recognise, however, that business and corporate aviation is an important component of our business as it promotes and benefits the economy of the northwest region and, as such, should continue to be accommodated.

The north-side GA handling arrangements will be relocated shortly because of further passenger-terminal developments. If planning permission is granted for the second runway the current south-side hangars will be demolished, but we have guaranteed that one of these hangars will remain in operation until 1997. After that, it is intended that corporate and business aviation will be relocated to the north side.

In the longer term, and assuming the second runway is built, an area has been allocated in the northeast corner of the airfield for a new purpose-built business-aviation centre. All these issues are regularly discussed with our GA community.

Geoff Muirhead

Chief Executive, Manchester Airport, UK

Source: Flight International