Tim Ripley/DUBAI

Marconi Avionics executives are celebrating being awarded Supplemental Type Certification (STC) by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for full operational use of the HUD 2020 Visual Guidance System (VGS) on Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

"The award of STC to Marconi is a major milestone in promoting the use of Head Up Display (HUD) technology to enhance safety, improve situational awareness and reduce operating costs for commercial air transport operators," says company spokesman Ian Bustin. "The award of STC marks the culmination of a significant effort by Marconi and American Airlines.

"VGS is now firmly established as a technology benchmark with the potential to provide both operating and safety benefits across the commercial air transport industry," says Bustin. "It will allow Marconi to proceed with the installation of VGS on American Airlines' growing fleet of 737 aircraft."

This programme calls for an initial delivery of 100 systems with contract options for 400 additional systems.

Bustin says the STC award highlights the significant technology and market lead established by Marconi in HUDs and their suitability for use in commercial air transport operations.

"This is the world's first VGS system to be certified under new, stringent FAA AC120-28D rules," he says. "The grant of this certificate follows an earlier STC that allows installation of the system on all Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft."

The Marconi VGS system has been certificated, under FAA AC120-28D, to allow use in all flight conditions including Category IIIa where it provides guidance for landings. VGS also provides guidance for reduced visibility takeoffs and a wealth of additional safety features.

"VGS incorporates the best technology innovations gained through experience in advanced avionics programmes packaged for the specific requirements of commercial air transport customers," says Bustin.

Source: Flight Daily News