Boeing 747 operator MASKargo is considering starting a regional freighter operation using mid-size freighters, possibly Airbus A300-600Fs.

“It makes sense to have a regional freighter operation. We are looking at having regional freighter services to countries like India,” says MASKargo general manager sales and business development Shahari Sulaiman, confirming that the lease of A300-600Fs is being considered.

“It is hard for MASKargo to increase cargo capacity to India because it serves that market using belly space on MAS Boeing 737-400 passenger aircraft,” says Shahari.

He points to other major cargo operators, such as Emirates Sky Cargo, which operates 747-400Fs for long haul, but has A310Fs for regional freighter operations. MASKargo operates six Boeing 747-200Fs and will introduce its first two 747-400Fs next year.

Source: Flight International