The new AIR WARS trilogy…coming soon to an airport near you....

(Thanks to D4QP, an insider deep within the LucasAid (for Airlines) Production Company, Uncle Roger can exclusively reveal details of the coming instalment of the stunning new sci-fi AIR WARS trilogy)

Part 1 Air Wars (released 2000/2001)

In a galaxy far, far away (well, the UK in fact) pilots in the growing airline industry finally gain significant employment conditions after years of tyranny under the oppressive yoke of The Airlines.

Part 2 The Airlines Strike Back (released late 2001)

Following setbacks, pilots lose ground as The Airlines reimpose tight control over massive areas of the industry, conquering and enslaving all who stand before them.

Part 3 The Return Of The Pilots (coming soon)

The tide turns once more when business booms again and The Pilots, who were enslaved by the dark force, break free of the tyranny and re-establish fair rights and conditions. In a slightly sinister twist, the joyful return of the enslaved pilots is made ever more bitter-sweet by the downfall of the dark force crews.

Yikes! What do you think will happen? Will Part 3 be an instant Oscar winner or a lame duck?

Talking of which...

When is a DUCK not a DUKW? seems your poor old Uncle should stick to things strictly avian when it comes to pictures that he thought might amuse you. The caption to last week"s picture caused much of a ruckus amongst military vehicle enthusiasts, and left me feeling very much in the soup (duck that is). Nephew Mark Hazzard et al have kindly informed me that the swimming vehicles were in fact NOT DUKW's after all, but were rather Ford GPAs - the amphibious version of the Jeep. Also known as the SEEP for obvious reasons.

Source: Flight International