UK-based CTC McAlpine has acquired McAlpine Aviation Training (MAT), bringing under one company the ab initio flying and type-rating preparation previously done as a partnership.

Chief operating officer Steve Billett says it is a good time for the move because demand for flight training is increasing.

The former partnership offered ab initio cadetships through to type ratings - MAT providing flying training and CTC its airline-linked type-rating training - and that will continue under one company.

The group plans a new training centre at Nursling, near Southampton, with two full-flight simulators for the Airbus A320 and one for the Boeing 737-300/400/500. It will move its 737-300 and -700 simulators there from its existing centre at nearby Marchwood.

Chairman and chief executive officer Chris Clarke says: "We are keen to ready ourselves for the introduction of the new multi-pilot licence in 2006 and the opportunities for growth we anticipate as a result of it."

Source: Flight International