HALLA AEROSPACE HAS been dropped from South Korea's regional-aircraft consortium, following a Government stipulation that a manufacturer cannot participate in the programme and be a risk-sharing partner in competing foreign developments.

The condition was included in the consortium's charter, recently signed by 11 local aerospace companies, including Samsung, Daewoo and Korean Air, which each hold a 26% stake.

Halla was originally included in the line-up proposing to develop a 100-seat regional passenger aircraft as a 50:50 joint venture with China.

In November 1994, however, Halla and Korean Air announced that they were joining the McDonnell Douglas MD-95 programme. Halla will build the wings for the 100-seat twinjet.

Other members of the Korean consortium, noted for their corporate rivalries, have queried Korean Air's participation in both projects.

Korean Air, however, says that it is a "contractor" rather than a risk-sharing partner in the MD-95. It is to build the nose section.

A preliminary feasibility study is expected to be concluded this year. This will be followed by the presentation of proposals to the South Korean and Chinese Governments. Attention is then expected to be focused on finding a Western partner.

Source: Flight International