McDONNELLDOUGLAS (MDC) is to use an innovative visual display on training devices to be produced for the US Air Force's NorthropT-38 avionics-upgrade. The company's Visual Integrated Display System (VIDS) will also be used to upgrade USAF MDC F-15 training devices.

The VIDS is a low-cost display system which incorporates an image generator and rear-projection screens arranged so as to provide wide horizontal and vertical fields-of-view. The T-38 operational flight-trainers (OFT) will feature a VIDS providing a 216 degree horizontal by 135 degree vertical field-of-view. The upgraded F-15C weapons-tactics trainers (WTT) will feature two VIDS placed back-to-back to provide a 360 degree horizontal by 270 degrees vertical field-of-view.

MDC is teamed with Israel Aircraft Industries to upgrade the T-38, and the US company is responsible for producing the simulators - eight OFTs and 11 unit training-devices, essentially OFTs without the visual system. MDC is also upgrading an initial four F-15C WTTs to full-mission trainers, adding the VIDS coupled with Evans & Sutherland's ESIG-4350 image-generator.

The US company has also installed a 216í VIDS, this time with Lockheed Martin's Compu-Scene SE1000 image-generator, on an F-18 weapons-tactics and situational-awareness trainer supplied to Finland.

Source: Flight International