Jet Aviation Basel has chosen MEBA to launch its "Jet Falcon" cabin interior refurbishment programme for the Dassault Falcon 2000.

A designated Dassault Falcon completions centre, Jet Aviation Basel has unveiled three cabin interior designs as part of the upgrade package, branded Classic, Style and Fashion.

The centre has to date performed more than 120 VIP completions of green Dassault aircraft, including the Falcon 2000.

The launch of the Jet Falcon enables owners and operators that are considering an upgrade of their Falcon 2000s to combine the refurbishment of the cabin interior with an exterior paint refresh and/or airframe maintenance to avoid additional downtime of the aircraft.

"Our newly launched 'Jet Falcon' cabin interior refurbishment programme provides Falcon 2000 owners and operators the choice of upgrading their aircraft during a maintenance cycle at a very competitive pricing," says Bernd Heinrich, Jet Aviation Basel's vice-president operations.

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Source: Flight Daily News