Doha-headquartered Rizon Jet has signed a founding member agreement with The Luxury Network Qatar - an affinity marketing, partnerships and events group. Rizon Jet CEO, Capt Hassan Al-Mousawi, says: "It is a wonderful opportunity for Rizon Jet to work closely with non-competing key luxury brands and high-end service providers. The Luxury Network Qatar will be an ideal gateway to develop a comprehensive strategy to form new alliances and partnerships with brands that will complement our products and growth.

"The alignment with other leading regional and international brands will help us develop a wider network and expand our client base," he adds.

Luxury Network Qatar managing director Fares Ghattas says: "The partnership with Rizon Jet will enable us to hold one of the most exclusive luxury events in Doha - the launch of The Luxury Network Qatar - at Rizon Jet's stunning VIP terminal at Doha International Airport during the first quarter of 2013."

Source: Flight Daily News